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Dear client and partner,

The advice around the coronavirus is updated every day. The national organization of midwives (KNOV) has issued an advice for obstetric care. Every midwifery practice in our region is going to follow this advice.
Every day the situation is reevaluated and things can change. Please also check our social media so that you stay informed about the latest developments.

Consultation hour
Between 16-27 weeks of pregnancy, any check-ups are not medically necessary and are not being done, unless of course there is a medical reason to do so. In this period we will call you to hear how you are en to answer some questions.
We ask you to come to your appointment alone and that you don’t bring your partner or siblings. Only to the appointment whenn we make an ultra sound you can bring your patner.


The choice for a delivery at home or in the hospital remains. We can discuss the location of the delivery with you again, also regarding the occupation of the hospital beds and the workload of the hospital staff. When you are in labor, for the time being only one person can accompany you to the hospital. There are no other persons allowed, not in the hallway or anywhere else in the hospital. It is not allowed to have people visiting you in the hospital right after birth. If you have to stay in the hospital longer, then the rules of the hospital apply.

Postpartum period
The check-ups in the first week after birth will be done by phone as much as possible. Of course we will visit you if necessary.

In general
The same advice applies to pregnant women as to non-pregnant women. So keep an eye on the news and follow the general guidelines of the RIVM ( also in English).
Do you have a cold, are you coughing, do you have a fever and do you have an appointment?  Also when your roomate is having a fever. Tell us when we call you prior to the appointment. This way we can see what is the best thing to do in your situation.
Of course you can still reach us 24/7 and we will always see you if medically necessary.

All midwifery practices in our region are doing their very best to keep the chance of contamination and spreading of the virus as small as possible. We have agreed to help each other in case midwives get sick. This way we will keep focus on the quality of care and will do everything to guide you through this very special period in life. 


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